Tuesday, August 17, 2004


***UPDATED. Sorry, it was the Adamson Falcons who brought the DLSU Green Archers to their knees. I got my facts mixed up.

The UE Red Warriors shot down the charmed flight of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Ace cager LA Tenorio was rendered scoreless and the Katipunan-based squad was denied a sweet sweep of the second round as the Warriors flexed their UAAP muscle, reminding everyone in the league not to discount their fighting presence.

Meanwhile, lady archer Jasmin Figueroa of the Philippines defeated former world champion Natalia Valeeva of Italy with a little bit of luck and some help from gusty weather. The nineteen-year-old snatched a two-point lead, slim but enough to win a spot to the round of 32, and thus improved on Jennifer Chan's 58th finish in Sydney, Australia.

Finally, for one of the most spectacular upsets of the Athens 2004 Olympics, Puerto Rico shattered the American Dream Team, 92-73, in a game clearly dominated by ball players who come from "a small island with a big heart." US coach Larry Brown admitted the nightmarish performance of NBA professionals as they delivered a decisive victory to Carlos Arroyo and his country in a win "as historic as it was inevitable."



Yes, these are stories that underdogs live for. These are stories we shall applaud.

It's not everyday we see Goliaths bow.


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Yeah!!! Hooray to the underdogs :)

August 18, 2004 at 2:02 PM  
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