Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Alcohol inhalers?

They make alcohol inhalers now?

Concerns over this "boutique activity" have been raised in Australia. Apparently, this creative form of alcohol consumption is all the rage in Britain and Europe so our marshmallow-calling friends from Down Under are on alert.

The glory that is eleven points


*sniffs and sneezes*

Take that, you smug bluebloods. Remember:

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

As cold as the shining floor of the basketball court. Hoo-HAH!

Animo La Salle! (Now the Archers better stay in third place - or advance to second, beat FEU and pray the Warriors stumble so we could go fight Ateneo in the finals!!!)

*doubles over in a coughing fit, smiles triumphantly and crazily*

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


***UPDATED. Sorry, it was the Adamson Falcons who brought the DLSU Green Archers to their knees. I got my facts mixed up.

The UE Red Warriors shot down the charmed flight of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Ace cager LA Tenorio was rendered scoreless and the Katipunan-based squad was denied a sweet sweep of the second round as the Warriors flexed their UAAP muscle, reminding everyone in the league not to discount their fighting presence.

Meanwhile, lady archer Jasmin Figueroa of the Philippines defeated former world champion Natalia Valeeva of Italy with a little bit of luck and some help from gusty weather. The nineteen-year-old snatched a two-point lead, slim but enough to win a spot to the round of 32, and thus improved on Jennifer Chan's 58th finish in Sydney, Australia.

Finally, for one of the most spectacular upsets of the Athens 2004 Olympics, Puerto Rico shattered the American Dream Team, 92-73, in a game clearly dominated by ball players who come from "a small island with a big heart." US coach Larry Brown admitted the nightmarish performance of NBA professionals as they delivered a decisive victory to Carlos Arroyo and his country in a win "as historic as it was inevitable."



Yes, these are stories that underdogs live for. These are stories we shall applaud.

It's not everyday we see Goliaths bow.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Is there a problem or isn't there?

Stumbled upon these factoids from Again, the myth of population explosion via ExpectoRANTS:

Did you know that the entire population of the Philippines - which stands at 84 million (according to latest figures) - can entirely be accommodated in the island of Palawan?

On a global level, this translates to 4 million of the world's population fitting into the island-state of Singapore, which has a land area of 635 sq. km.
This in turn means that the grand total of 6 billion - the current world population - can theoretically fit inside the borders of Mexico, that is, if each person is made to stand next to each other (perhaps at arm's length).

That being the case, are we really getting worked up for nothing?

Wandering around in neighbor's backyards

Here's an interesting and entertaining read: Gloria-ous Days by Kris.

No newspapers for a week

Here's what I culled from watching television, instead:

In Canada, the news are being delivered by naked broadcasters. In the Philippines, they are proposing to have pocketless police uniforms in order to curb corruption in the ranks. The president, La Gloria, is being stingy on beso-beso's. Sexy stars a.k.a. female escorts go by names like Keanna Reeves and actually seek protection for exposing the expensive extracurricular activities of dirty old men.

I really don't know why I bother.

Them darn birds landed. Finally.

The Warriors shot the Eagles down...

...I'm so happy I can't think straight.

One big fight on the 22nd. See you there and ANIMO LASALLE!

"Either you hate her or you adore her."

Tell me if you know who I'm talking about.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Them darn birds swept round one

Animo LaSalle!

'Nuff said.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Settling for three in pre-weekend jitters

  1. Locked exits in a burning shopping center. Reminds me of the Ozone disco fire, where many perished because of a door that opened the wrong way. Silly mistakes and cruel ironies. Yeah, this latest incident seems likely to land alongside news of falling five-year-old buildings and makes you think, "Onli in da Pilipins." Except this happened in Paraguay.
  2. A couple of conspiracy theories are simmering. One: Has tough-talking Sen. Panfilo Lacson deliberately sabotaged the opposition's campaign for the national leadership in honor of a gentleman's agreement he made with Mike Arroyo? Edgardo Angara seems to think so. Vehemently. Two: Was there or wasn't there collusion between the AFP and the ASG? If you want the truth, all we know is that it better not be the DOJ you're asking. Other hostages aside from Gracia Burnham are being summoned to the stand. And finally,
  3. The Philippines has been dropped from the roster of nations belonging to the Coalition of the Willing. Wheeee.

(Update a.k.a. pahabol. Got this from Sassy's page: Arroyo's badge of courage by Luis Teodoro. A must-read postscript to the Angelo de la Cruz rigmarole.)

Hardly a broken-winged flight

The Blue Eagles won again, even without cager Larry Fonacier. They whipped National University, sent the Bulldogs a-runnin' tail between their legs. That's 6-0 for Ateneo, grrr.

Somebody hand me a tirador.

(On an interesting note: UP naming mahal is 0-6. Tsk-tsk. Just had to point that out. Now, please excuse me while I go sulk in the corner and pray the FEU Tams trample them darn birds on Sunday.)

Rare portraits of dignity in silence

Wasn't Arturo Tolentino, the former senator who died from cardiac arrest a couple of days ago, the vice-president of Ferdinand Marcos? Wasn't he the man who installed himself inside the Manila Hotel (a la Oakwood) and demanded recognition as the fallen strongman's proxy? Does fickle memory gloss over such infamy as his flag-covered coffin is carried under a gallimaufry of posthumous accolades and sweeping eulogies?

Then again. Maybe Franklin Drilon, Alberto Romulo, Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Jovito Salonga know something I don't. Maybe Ka Turing was really "a great man who cannot be bought," a man who "put character above wealth" in public service. Yes, maybe he was truly "the sage of the Senate" in his prime, whose "record as a legislator and constitutionalist" is nothing short of "perfection personified."

But I hate maybe's. Sigh. This is my punishment for being young and carefree during those tumultuous years. I guess I'm left with no choice but to give the deceased the benefit of, well, death.

(One thing's for sure: I really need to brush up on some of my history lessons.)

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Filipino politicians are on a roll.

A few days back, Congressman Abraham Mitra raised the issue of taxing liposuction and other vanity-related luxuries in order to generate revenue and contribute (however minutely) to the alleviation of a burgeoning budget deficit.

At its heels was a proposal for government intervention in curbing overpopulation, i.e. regulation of the number of children per family, that was quickly rebuffed by an indignant clergy and rejoindered by a one-wife policy pitched by pro-life advocates.

Another "ingenious" suggestion, this time related to peace and order, was to infringe on many a dipsomaniac's happy hour and impose a 1 a.m. curfew that would supposedly curtail violence and drug-related activities rampant in local watering holes. Naturally, winos and night owls were in uproar. (Ano 'to, Martial law?!?)

Aha-hayy. The table is now open for more "bright" ideas.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

In a town where cops go bang-bang

Let's meet SPO1 Charlito Corpuz of Mandaluyong City.

He was riding a bus to work when three armed men declared a hold-up. He whipped out his firearm, took aim, and killed the criminals. Now he's in a hospital bed, nursing a bloody badge of courage in his right arm, and city officials are falling all over themselves in giving him citations and monetary rewards.

Doesn't it even matter that a passenger was also hit in the gunfight? Or that other passengers were exposed to such contemptuous danger?

Ah, but everyone loves a hero. Right?

Some relics are better off forgotten

Tyson, blech. If I didn't actively hate the guy, I'd pity him.

Danny Williams, a Briton pug with enough gal to risk losing his ear, took on Iron Mike in the latter's comeback bid - and won. The fellow even proposed to his girlfriend afterwards, if you can believe it.

Disparity leaves such a bitter taste

First we rationalize the withdrawal of the Philippine humanitarian contingent from Iraq by saying we couldn't care less about what America thinks or how we'd look to the international community. Then we demand an apology from Jay Leno. And we castigate Australian leaders for calling us marshmallows. Let's make up our minds, shall we?