Thursday, July 29, 2004

When you have tired fingers, five is many.

  1. So the Archers have a small problem with winged targets. Don't panic. Hopefully, their aim will get better as the UAAP season progresses. Read this flash report and rejoice, my fellow greenbloods. The Tigers are going meow.
  2. At last-at least, Senator  Miriam Defensor-Santiago has proven to be good for something.
  3. After "yes" to taxes, I join others in saying "phooey" to the Roman Catholic Church and her anachronistic position on population control. I mean, c'mon, let's get real. The more isn't always the merrier. Not in this day and age, anyway. (Here is Alvin Capino's opinion on this matter.)
  4. Did you hear? The semi-androgynous Marietta Subong a.k.a. Pokwang won as Clown In A Million. Yey! Just what we need, another comedian.
  5. Ayun. And that's it. My first entry for this blog. Bumuwelo lang po. Hehe. 'Til next!